Lesbian BDSM Story

Lesbian BDSM Story

Lesbian BDSM Story

I was ever so nervous, this been the first time for me and this type of activity. You see after a long relationship I was single again, and I wanted to find a new, groove. At first I looked in personals, then internet sites and within a month I found just the type to ' play' with. We started by sending erotic mail, and then took to calling and finally the time had come to meet.

I waited at the station, shivering slightly in my tightly belted mac, I dont know if it was the cold or anticipation, probably both knowing me, I always shivered when I was nervous. I looked around the station, it was one of those old British Rail type buildings, and as others rushed by me to get home, I stood in a corner away from the bustle of people trying to work out who it was that was going to meet me. A few minutes later the platform emptied and frowning I started thinking of the worse, perhaps I was been stood up.

My stomach lurched at the thought, being 65 miles from home, it was not a pleasing prospect. I jumped as I felt a touch on my arm, and whirling round I stared into the most beautiful Asian Chinese eyes, big and black and staring right back at me. I looked at the rest of the face taking in the mouth shaped like rose petals and skin pale and flawless. With parted lips I stammered, ' Are you Tia?' ' Yes' I heard her breathe the word. She smiled and taking me by the arm, led me towards the car park. She just had to be the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen, with long dark hair, small and petite like me, and I found muself tongue tied, and I let her lead me along without a word.

All the speeches I had practiced had dried up in my throat. Before I knew it, we were at her car, she opened the door slid into the drivers seat and leaning over to let me in. ' Once the engine warms up we can put the heating on' she said looking at my shivering body sitting crumpled into her car. ' Getting second thoughts' Tia said smiling, ' Maybe a little' I say smiling nervously at her. Tia looked at me holding my gaze, and said, ' No need to be, I'll take care of you' and with this she leaned over and kissed me fully on the lips. I was stunned, and thrilled, I had never been kissed like that before. I felt the first wave of warmth from the car heater as Tia pulled out and started driving, out of the town and onto winding roads.

It was dark, and again I shivered as I again wondered if this was the right thing to do. Seeing me shiver, Tia put her hand on mine, and gently squeezing my fingers she reassuringly said, ' nearly there, and then we can get a brandy and sit by the fire, and get to know each other, even though I feel as if I already know you, it's much nicer having you here' She cast me a sly look, that made my thighs clench and my palms sweat. Another 15 minutes of driving and we pulled up to a huge dark old place. It looked like a Manor of sorts, but in the darkening sky not a lot of detail was discernable. Tia came round the car and taking my hand she led me thru the door and to a small room with a huge fireplace and a rug. Let me take your coat she said, untying my belt, and sliding it off my shoulders.

I gasped when I felt her fingers trace the outline of my mouth, thinking all this is going too fast and yet not able to stop her exploration as her fingers traced round my face and my throat, slipping the strap of the dress, and then leaning over to lick my mouth. I stood there leaning towards her kisses, lost in her arms, as she deftly undressed me kissing and kneading the bare flesh of my thighs and stomach and then turning me around to kiss my shoulders and spine, licking my buttocks. ' Oh God, my legs are going to buckle' I sighed, Tia laughed deep in her throat, and breaking off, she lead me to the rugs on the floor. We kissed some more, and even though I wanted to taste her, she insisted that I should go first as I have never done this before.

Leaning back I felt her head move closer and closer down to my wet pussy. I felt her warm breath at first and then her tongue, gently sucking at first and then massaging her tongue in and out of my pussy, faster and harder. Moaning out loud I buckled and grabbed her hair urging her deeper and deeper wanting all of her tongue in me. Feeling a finger slide in and out I opened wider still to feel another finger easing in, by now my hips are grinding in and out and up and down, and I am screaming for her to fuck me. Suddenly Tia, jumped up smiling wickedly, and leaning into one of the treasure boxes in the room, came back with a wicked looking dildo and rope. I was afraid of what she was going to do but excited at the same time of having found a mistress who knew what to do. The she leaned back to my pussy kneading it and make it wetter. with my juices and her saliva she starts to rub the head of the cock on it.

It seems to be made out of leather, and it quickly starts to get a coating of my pussy juices. Leaning down to kiss me, Tia whispers "do you like that baby girl?" hmm? And with gentle thrusts she starts to ease the leather cock in and out of my pussy. It must have been a 10" dildo, and after a while I was begging her to fuck me harder and harder. Her right hand came round and whilst the strap on fucked me while her fingers were fingering my ass. I had multiple orgasms that night, and the following day and the following night. We went all over the house where I was tied and bound (see pic). It seemed that Tia House sat for the gentry and the owners were away until Monday, so to say we took advantage of the situation would be an understatement. She showed me so much that weekend, she even spanked me, and that's something I have never ever done, I am so looking forward to more of the same.


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