Girl In Handcuffs Story

Girl In Handcuffs

Girl In handcuffs Story

My name is Brian. I met a 22 year old girl last week-end online at ALT. We rented a motel room and we had fun. She did everything that I commanded her to do. Saturday morning, we got up at 3:00am and drove to Arizona. She only wore her bra and pants in the car. She wore nothing else while she was driving. We were going to meet her previous master. When we were closer to the city, she put her t-shirt back on.

When we got there two other men came out to meet us. One man had handcuffs And a rope, He handcuffed her hands to a towel rack in the bathroom. He left her there for 4 hours, with a vibrator stuck up her pussy and set to "maximum"! Then he put her pants on over it and we three men sat and talked about sports, the weather and had a few beers. About 3:00pm we went in there and saw she was alternating between pain and pleasure and couldn't stand it anymore. We untied her and then she & I drove home. I commaned her to wear the handcuffs for the rest of the weekend. I let her wear a bra and really short skirt and nothing else! Here is her bathroom picture. I told her I posted it all over the net and she had to thank me. :)

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