Female Submissives

Female Submissives

Female Submissives Story

Recently, I had occasion to meet some sweet submissives through ALT, and I have had some spectacular sessions with them and some of their friends in the Philadelphia area. One of them is in this picture above. I am a specialist of sorts with sex TOYS including the sybian, the eroscillator and the TENS unit, and somehow this strikes a nerve with many submissive females who want to be examined, probed and tested sexually under the responsible guidance of a toymaster.

I also like to have submissives demonstrate their masturbation techniques for me, and this has proved to be highly erotic as well. In order to get people to visit me, I have used the technique of references. With her permission, I use the good experiences of one submissive as a recommendation for others who may be a bit wary of me until we become acquainted. This has worked very well for all concerned. I love what I do, and I am grateful to ALT for making it happen!


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